Crest Mar Coding & Billing Services - Your #1 Resource when it's time to Outsource
Crest Mar Coding & Billing Services is dedicated to providing comprehensive billing and reimbursement services to individual physicians, group practices and non-physician health care providers.  Following is a list of standard services provided, however we can accommodate most any insurance, coding or billing need specific to your practice.
  • Supplying billing forms such as HCFA 1500 forms, computer paper, envelopes and other supplies.
  • ICD.10 coding of narrative diagnosis.
  • Entering all data within 2 days of receipt by billing office(demographic information, insurance information, charges, receipts and insurance contractual adjustments).
  • Posting of all payments
  • Deposit of moneys received (Daily/Twice a week)
  • Daily claim processing via Electronic Claim Submission(when available), Paper submission(when required), with attached documentation.
  • 30-day follow-up phone call to insurance carriers billed electronically, for payment status.
  • 60 day follow-up phone call to insurance carriers billed on paper.
  • Generating and sending patient statements each month, all postage included.(Maximum 4 statements)
  • Soft Collections for past due accounts, 2 letters, 2 phone calls.
  • Referring of delinquent accounts to an outside collection agency after exhaustion of all internal collection efforts and upon approval by client.
  • Generating standard daily/weekly reports to include:
            Daily Transaction report by physician/provider
            Bank Deposit Report
  • Producing standard end-of month reports to include:
            Practice Analysis by physician/provider
Our rates are based on a percentage of revenue collected.  We are not paid hourly so we strive to collect the maximum reimbursement for our clients. Actual percentage varies dependent on type of practice specialty and volume.
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